Friday, May 23, 2008

Flagging support

I sense disloyalty in the ranks, my flock. All may appear rosy on the surface, but one does not reach my stature without a strong sense of paranoia and an ability to sniff out infidels. For Pugistan to be strong, it must be built on the backs of true patriots -- followers who would lay down their lives for the ministry, or at least throw it a bone every now and then. A single weak link could bring the entire ministry crashing down -- and with it the long-held dream of a sovereign canine nation. Yes, my flock, it is time for a mass excommunication to purge the infidels among us. But there is one problem -- a big one. Though I sense this disloyalty, I cannot prove it. Unfortunately, we are bereft of a flag to unite us. Without a flag, there can be no flag lapel pins. And with no flag lapel pins, there can be no accounting of Pugistan's true patriots.

Surely you see my quandary. God willing, we will soon find a Betsy Ross of our own.


Benjamin said...

Mugsy, let me use my psychic powers, and skill in Divination to help you, looking into my crystal ball, I see blue, and some sort of Bovine, does that mean anything to you?

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

My Husband - My mummy has made many a dress for me - maybe she can help you with the flag? She is always very loyal to you and the harem. *xoxo * Aine

Joe Shippert said...

How about the flag already represented here:

I especially like this piece of art because it so succinctly captures the essence of Pug Life Ministries. Note the light color of the pug on the flag (Mugsy) and the dark color of the pug in the lower right corner (Wendell). It's like the artist was THINKING about the Ayatollah's mission!

lyn said...

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Anonymous said...

Are we going to have a design the flag contest?

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I assume you mean the infamous infidel Blue Bull, Benjamin. Fear not, he is vanquished and shall never rear his fuzzy head around here again.

Your loyalty will surely be rewarded with 72 Milkbones in heaven, Aine.

The artist is a devout canine Muslim, Joe, so he probably was thinking about our mission.

I wasn't planning a contest, Anonymous One. But I will gladly accept submissions.