Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A lesson for Wendell

After awakening from our mid-morning naps, Wendell and I ventured outside to enjoy the nice weather. The Texas summer's cruel heat has finally begun to fade in recent weeks. As my sleepy brother wobbled around the back yard, he spied a butterfly perched upon a blade of grass. Wendell looked at me quizzically. Then he lunged at the butterfly, which flew above his head, taunting the pup. His mouth agape, Wendell made a few more futile efforts. "Wendell," I barked, "leave that butterfly alone. Allah's creatures deserve our respect and should not be attacked without cause." Then I reconsidered my words. "Except junebugs, of course. They are delicious. And oh so crunchy."


Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

My darling husband and brother-in law Wendell.

Husband - What is a June bug? I dont think we get them here in chi-town. Could you please illustrate them? Are they anything like cicadas? While I was a mere lass in diva training (ie puppyhood) I munched on screaming white cicadas that scared my mummy must astonishingly. She swore, if the 17 year cicada's attacted her part of chi-town - she would not come out for 6 weeks. Praise Allah, the Sox filled South Siders received a mass gathering of them. It is obvious that Allah, Jesus, and God all love the Northside Cubs(GO CUBBIES!). But I digress.

Dear Wendell - may we receive your report so far from the Dogloo? How is the Aribic and tricks going? When will your additional pictures be up?

Love and puggie kisses - Aine

Anonymous said...

June bug chasing and feasting is one of Allah's blessing for all dogs and cats, except when they get caught in one's fur.

TransplantedOkie said...

June bugs are indeed fair game