Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pray it ain't so

I have been frantically working the phones this morning, trying to get to the bottom of a disturbing news story. Given that it is only being reported by one media outlet, I am beginning to doubt its veracity. I am always skeptical until I see a story on Fox News, where the network reports and I decide. But for the curious among you, a link to this bombshell of a story is below:

Dog Breeders Issue Massive Recall of '07 Pugs


JMG said...

If it is true, at least you aren't part of the recall. Perhaps Pug Life can offer sanctuary and medical care to all the reject pugs?

TransplantedOkie said...

If this is an untrue, supposedly "funny" story, I implore you to issue a fatwa against the infidels who began this hateful rumor.

Everyone knows that the 1997 pug is the best vintage, but to malign the 2007 in this manner is unacceptable.

TG said...

I think Pope Pius Pug should be contacted in order for Catholic Charities to assist in this instance.

Also, my mother needs your help, she is frustrated with stupid humans who refuse to pick up dog doodies in public places - she mentioned maybe that you could help? I told her you were busy, but maybe you'll help spread the word in the blogosphere.

Rickey Henderson said...

Ha! The article says it all! Man pugs are worthless!

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith, my friend. We know the truth. Rabbi Jake

Sarah O. said...

Clearly, you have no defects, Holy One.

Our lab Ria has one recallable issue. Her snout started graying when she was one year old. Fortunately, mascara fixes her righ up.


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Yes, JMG. The ministry is collecting funds to take in as many recalled puppies as possible.

I am still investigating, TransplantedOkie. In my experience, each model year has its strong points. Though I am partial to the 2001.

The pope has been heavily involved in this matter, TG. It is the duty of human caretakers to clean up after their canine overlords. We would do it ourselves, but such menial work is beneath us.

You may be the all-time MLB stolen-bases leader, Rickey Henderson, but that does not mean I have to like you.

The truth shall set us free, Rabbi Jake. That and your ingenious doggy door. I look forward to my next visit.

I believe that a gray beard is a mark of distinction, Sarah O.

Ranger The Airedale said...

Darn it. Too bad they're not recalling the October 2005 pug that my family is stuck with.

Cubby said...

I heard this story, too! Scary!