Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mugsy's Prague Spring: Part II

Part II: The Sorcerer's Offer

"Ayatollah, I know that you are here to bring Blue Bull to justice," said the long-haired wizard, his Czech accent thick. His arms moved in an exaggerated fashion, and in his left hand he clutched a book of spells. "I do not know his exact whereabouts, but I know of someone who can help you track this monster down. I might be willing to ... pull a few strings. Quid pro quo, of course."

I studied the sorcerer's face. Was he sincere? Or was he trying to use me to achieve some diabolical black-magic aim? After traveling more than 5,000 miles, I decided I had little choice but to hear him out. "Go on," I barked.

He showed no emotion as he laid out his offer in full detail. "And that is all I seek, my liege. Do me this small favor, and Blue Bull could be yours." I briefly considered his proposal. "Done," I barked. "I shall return this evening."

As I left the shop, I could not help but wonder: Had my pursuit of the Blue Satan led me to make a deal with the devil? I said a silent prayer to Allah as I descended an escalator at the Malastranska subway stop.

To be continued ...


Anonymous said...

I am curious my darling, did you see defenestration occur? I am hoping that is what you did to the NASTY BULL. I hope you at least made a muppet of him!!

*anxiously awaiting the next installment whilst chewing on my *cough* blackmarket* cough* rough hide.


Sarah O. said...

Ayatollah, you delight yet tease with your all-too-incomplete tales of intrigue.

Death to Blue Bull!

Sarah S. said...

The plot thickens! Hank - the latest addition to the congregation - insists on a rawhide and bedtime tale of the Ayatollah every night. To say we are intriqued is an understatement.

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