Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On U.S. soil again

I am back in Texas, having returned last night weary but satisfied after a wonderful vacation. Rome did not disappoint, and neither did baby Suri, whom I had the pleasure of dining with at the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. While there, I met with some Scientology representatives to discuss the establishment of a Pug Life Scientology center. It seems to hold some profit potential, but nothing has been worked out. I remain leery of the religion after seeing what it did to Eddie from "Frasier." He was just never the same after he started his auditing sessions.

I found Rome to be a delightful city. Its rich history is on display at every turn, which prompted me to take several hundred photos. I will try to post a few on my travel blog when I get a chance.

My good friend Pope Pius Pug was a gracious tour host, shuttling me to several sites in the popemobile. Some of my favorite places were the Pantheon; the ruins of the Forum, the Palatine Hill, Ostia Antica and the Colosseum; St. Peter's Basilica; and the Sistine Chapel. And, of course, there was the previously mentioned Santa Maria della Concezione, where I witnessed the mouth-watering sight of thousands of human bones turned into decorative objects. In an apparent (and successful) bid to sell postcards, the church was adamantly opposed to anyone taking photos inside its crypt. But I did find some photos online to share with you. Truly, I believe it is the oddest place I have ever been.

The pope and I also discussed some major plans for Pug Life Ministries and the Dogloo compound, some of which I will share with you in the coming days. I am grateful to Pope Pius Pug for taking time out of his busy schedule to show me around and ensure that I was well fed with pizza, pasta and gelato. I know that his schedule was also occupied with investigating a possible miracle involving the image of Jesus and the hindquarters of a terrier mix, so his hospitality was much appreciated.


Sarah O. said...

Welcome home, o holy one.

May I assume that you one-upped TomKat's 3-minute "never ending" kiss with 3 minutes and 1 second of licking Suri's face?

Rabbi Jake said...

I feel much better that your four feet are on this side of the world again. You were missed.

Uncivil said...

Holy Anal Glands Mugsy! That sure puts a kink in my Spiritual Sphincter!

T-man said...

Wow, that looks like a miracle to me!! I've never seen such a likeness.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

You may assume that, Sarah O., but I was forced to sign a secrecy oath. Thus, I cannot verify.

I am looking forward to dining with you at Thanksgiving, Rabbi.

That's one way of putting it, Uncivil.

It is no potato chip, T-Man. But it is intriguing nonetheless.

James Beauregard daPug said...

Welcome home, Bro. Mugsy!! I'm glad you got home in time to maybe get your holiday decorating done (making the house and front yard look like a Mexican restaurant) while the weather is so gorgeous, it's going to be majorly cold in a few days.

J. B.