Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Life after Sandy

I have not been in any hurry to share my opinion on the Supreme Court vacancy. I wanted to absorb all of the Chicken Little-esque hand-wringing of the left and the "yipppeees!" of the right before fully forming an opinion. A showdown over the high court opening created by Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation appears imminent, with abortion as the sole issue. I don't want to downplay the importance of abortion, but I believe that there are other important issues and that abortion should not be the singular deciding factor. The high court recently made a key ruling allowing the government to seize your doghouse on a whim, not for public uses, but for private development. Two reporters may be sent to jail for doing their jobs. The Supreme Court is expected to rule this fall on the future of doctor-assisted-suicide laws. Despite the many important issues that could potentially come before the Supreme Court, the Democrats and Republicans appear to be zeroed in on one issue: abortion. With Allah as my witness, I propose that President Bush nominate a man who will force lawmakers to look beyond the abortion issue. A man who will shatter racial barriers on the court. A man who has experience working in the limelight. I'm not saying that this nomination would be without controversy or debate. But I guarantee that with this man's nomination, abortion will cease to be the lone issue in deciding who will sit on the high court. Who is this man who can ultimately unite us all? The honorable Judge Lance Ito, our first Japanese-American Supreme Court justice.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of Ayatollah Mugsy, legal scholar and gangsta rapper. He would also break the long-standing species barrier on the court.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

This country is not yet ready for a canine Supreme Court justice. I am disenfranchised. Women have been allowed to vote for 85 years now, and yet I cannot. Explain to me the logic of that? It is clearly not based on intelligence. Still, I am flattered by your support.