Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thawed out

Greetings, my flock. I have returned to the compound after spending much of the week away on business. I initially set out to Oklahoma City to quell a rebellion over the ministry's stance on chew-toy marriage. The stuffed infidels were staging protests and picketing Pug Life's Oklahoma Regional Headquarters. After crushing the insurrection and the chew toys' spirit, I found myself trapped by a major ice storm. At one point, my chauffeur was unable to get my vehicle back in the garage for over an hour -- the driveway was simply too steep and slick. Thankfully, the ice began to melt later in the week.

Because of my prolonged absence, I asked my little brother, Wendell, to blog in my place. But I see that he neglected his duties. He has recently developed a romantic attachment to a teddy bear, and I fear that this cotton-filled harpy is monopolizing Wendell's time and setting a bad example for him.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know that you are safely back home. Ice belongs in tea, not on the road!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Thank you, Anonymous One. Amen!