Monday, September 15, 2008

Best Buddy

I hereby present the coveted Pug Life Medal of Valor to Buddy the German Shepherd, who saved his human caretaker's life by calling 911 when the man had a seizure. And police said this wasn't the first time the trained assistance dog had been there for Joe Stalnaker. Buddy had previously made two other 911 calls when Stalnaker was having seizures.

On a recording of the 911 call, Buddy is heard whimpering and barking after the dispatcher in Scottsdale, Ariz., answers and repeatedly asks if the caller needs help. "Hello, this is 911. Hello ... Can you hear me? Is there somebody there you can give the phone to?" says the dispatcher. Despite the dispatcher's lack of canine language training, Buddy's call was successful. Stalnaker's address was flagged in Scottsdale's system with a notification that the 18-month-old Buddy could call 911 when the owner was incapacitated.

For his quick thinking, heroism and superior phone skills, Buddy is deserving of this prestigious medal -- the ministry's highest civilian honor. A grateful canine nation thanks you, Buddy. Long may you wag.


Anonymous said...

The dog is truly man's best friend and best religious adviser.

Anonymous said...

How can i get my pug to call 911 if im in trouble ? He only calls when he wants something... specifically food.


Benjamin said...

Thats amazing and awesome, brings a whole new meaning to man's best friend, brings tears to my eyes. Nice catch Mugsy, I cannot think of a better recipient for this medal. Keep up the good work Ayatollah!!!

Nevis said...

I heard that call on the radio...they were talking about how awesome Buddy is. I think that's fantastic...and as someone who has Epilepsy...I want to train Napoleon (my pug) to do that for me now. I'm afraid he'll just lick my face a few times and then fall asleep, though.

Anonymous said...

In the future if financially troubled Pugistan needs a bailout, don't overlook the Feds. They seem to be giving it away to any open hand. You can buy all the rawhide you want and pass the bills to the taxpayer!

sarah s. said...

Isn't it amazing what some dogs can do? I guess I should say what their owners can teach them, as well. I can't even get Hank to stop jumping on me.