Thursday, July 17, 2008

Banding together

The time is 12:06 a.m., and I am about to embark on an important mission. Mother went swimming earlier at a friend's neighborhood pool, and upon her return, she discovered that her wedding band was gone. She had already, months ago, lost her cubic zir ..., er, diamond engagement ring, which lies somewhere in the dark recesses of the floorboards of father's car.

So we are going to try to retrieve the wedding band. Since water is involved, I will naturally be eschewing a paws-on role in favor of a supervisory position. Pray for us, my flock. Can we preserve their union? Or are my parents' days of wedded bliss over?


JMG said...

Don't worry. If the gold band is what holds a marriage together, my marriage would have dissolved long ago, as my husband hasn't worn his for years.

Of course, we know where it is--maybe that makes a difference.

Puddleglum said...

Have you checked the poop?


Mugsy's Mom (Wendell's too) said...

Good point, puddleglum, Wendell will eat anything. Mugsy, don't worry, Dad and I will stay married. Any guy who will swim around in a pool after midnight looking for your wedding band is a keeper!

Lucy said...

Of course you will be supervising Ayatollah, no one actually expected you to get your hair wet. Remember to bark frequently and often, humans are very high maintenance and require constant oversight.

Anonymous said...

A midnight swim doesn't sound too bad in this heat! Hope you found your mom's ring. I know your supervision was the key to success. Rabbi Jake

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

should I marry her or go? Aliens and jewish men, timetravelling!!

sarah s. said...

If the ring isn't found and if it makes you feel any better, Ayatollah, you could always officiate the renewal of their vows. I do, however, hope mother's ring is found. As a sentimental female, I feel her pain.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps an upgrade is necessary.


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Father doesn't wear his, either, JMG. Too much "bling," he says.

That is mother's job, Puddleglum.

Thank you, mother. I would hate to see Wendell come from a broken home.

Tell me about it, Lucy.

Father enjoyed the swim, Jake.

Excuse me, Rabbi?

Of course, Sarah S. As always, I would be happy to officiate their wedding ceremony ... for a small fee.

Have you seen the price of gold lately, Z?

mindy said...

Methinks your mother should perhaps put on a few pounds so that her rings stay firmly put!