Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Full house

What an exciting weekend it's been. Civil unrest has gripped France, and a cruise ship was attacked by real-life pirates. But at the ayatollah household, most of the excitement stemmed from another phenomenon: houseguests. Several humans stayed over, using up my hot water and mooching my Milkbones, as usual. But this time, they brought a dog. Ditto, a Boston Terrier, came to me Saturday with wide-eyed excitement. "Ayatollah Mugsy," he said, "I have come to learn from you. Please show me the path to righteousness." After sniffing young Ditto intensely to gauge his sincerity, I said to him: "I will teach you, my son. What better time to learn about Islam than during Eid ul-Fitr?" For the next 32 hours, we studied. Ditto had a voracious appetite for knowledge. And for Snausages. And so we had much in common. Ditto, my friend, you're welcome to come back anytime.

I'd like to wish Bobby and Gracie a lasting, happy marriage. Some would say that the odds are against them, having married so young. But I think these two crazy kids just may pull it off, God willing.


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Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Sterling Myers, you are sorely in need of an editor. I urge you to stop embarrassing yourself with this unintelligible spam and do something useful with your life. I have already issued a fatwa condemning your ilk, so you should know that it is not safe for you here. Repent before it is too late.

Leslee said...

The wedding looked so beautiful!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Yes it did, Leslee. Yes it did.