Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mugsy appears on Comedy Central Roast

LOS ANGELES (Variety) -- In perhaps the most bizarre scene on a TV series known for its bizarre moments, Wednesday's Comedy Central Roast of Ayatollah Mugsy became the first such event in which no insults were hurled at the show's guest of honor.

Instead, a host of comedians praised the radical canine cleric for his service to the community and his boundless wisdom. Guinness World Records reported that the broadcast set the record for most uses in an hour of the phrase "that's a good boy!"

Andrew "Dice" Clay started the evening off by offering a rare profanity-free set and then bowing before the pug as he asked if he could shake his hand. The imam held out until Clay fished around in his pocket and found a Snausage to offer. 

Prop comic Carrot Top brought a large chest full of toys and presented them as offerings to the ayatollah, whom he called his "spiritual leader and guiding light." Mugsy nodded graciously and accepted the gifts, which were believed to be bound for his younger brother Wendell. 

Midway through the show, it appeared that comedian Jim Norton would be the first to break the insult barrier. "You know how ugly the ayatollah is?" he asked, before appearing to glance at Mugsy's personal security detail, which included a dozen heavily armed bulldogs. "The ayatollah is ... aw, who am I kidding. This little guy is adorable -- I just want to pat his soft little head!"

Other highlights included Sarah Silverman begging for entrance into the cleric's harem, Craig Robinson performing an original musical composition in honor of Mugsy's appearance and Gilbert Gottfried rubbing the ayatollah's belly for the duration of his four-minute set.


This post is dedicated to comedian Greg Giraldo, who died Wednesday at age 44.

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