Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday gift guide

Hey, everybody. It's me, Wendell. Mugsy put me in charge of the ministry after a recent surgery, though he's going in tomorrow to get his stitches taken out, so he'll be back at the helm soon. I'll be the first to admit that I haven't done a great job filling in as blogger-in-chief -- I've been a little distracted from posting by my newfound howling abilities. Rumor has it that there's even a video floating around of an ayatollah family howl-a-thon, so that may surface at some point if there's enough interest. You may have also heard a rumor that I've been cast as a werewolf in the next Twilight movie, but the screeching girls in "Team Wendell" should know that no contract has been signed as of yet -- though I am willing to show off my abs in exchange for a belly rub.

Anyway, I don't want Mugsy to be mad at me for my lack of blog posts, so I'm gonna try to make up for it now with a new feature, running all this week, that I like to call the Pug Life Ministries Holiday Gift Guide! I've scoured the Web for some of the finest canine-centric gifts so that you don't have to.

So let's get right to it -- here's the first installment!


The gift: First off we have the Humping USB Dog, the ultimate gift for the techno-geek dog lover in your life. The 2.25-inch-tall dogs come in either boxer or beagle (and other breeds are pictured, so you may be able to find those if you shop around). Simply plug the amorous pooches into your computer and watch them go to town! These are perfect for both home and office use. And as the seller states, they do require USB power to get turned on.
Cost: $9.99 plus shipping

If you have any ideas for items to include in the gift guide, message Ayatollah Mugsy on Facebook or e-mail him at

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Hank said...

Wendell, little buddy! Long time no see!

Now my big sis, Becca, is part Beagle but I don't think we'll be buying one o' them USB thingies.

Thanks fer the FYI, though.