Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Holiday gift guide: Part II


The gift: Many canines like to fetch a ball, and many humans like to see a giant mustache on a dog. So this item offers the best of both worlds -- a rubber ball attached to a giant mustache! In theory, the canine will pick up the ball end of the Stache and look like an Old West villain about to tie a damsel to some train tracks. I have my doubts and think you may see just as much whisker-chewing as ball-fetching. But you gotta admit that outrageous facial hair is in in the doggy world (just look at Ayatollah Mugsy's beard!), so it might be worth a shot if your pet is unable to grow his own thick mustache.
Cost: $12 for one, $10 apiece for two or more, plus $5 shipping for entire order

1 comment:

Hank said...

Now THAT is funny!!!!!

Yes, I am easily amused - as are most Pug owners.

PS Why can't MY dogs like to fetch???