Monday, November 17, 2008

Review: Cesar Millan's new DVD set

As a leading authority in the canine community, I was recently offered a chance to review the new Cesar Millan DVD set Mastering Leadership. I have some concerns about such programs, and in fact, I am developing my own TV pilot in which I teach dogs techniques to better control their humans. But mother was eager to view the DVDs, so I accepted the set on her behalf. After all, if the techniques could bring a little discipline to my ankle-biting little brother, it couldn't be all bad. Here is mother's review of the set.

I often watch Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel, but I hadn't really tried any of his techniques. (To be honest, I just thought it was funny to watch how Mugsy and Wendell would respond to some of the dogs on TV.) But little Wendell is one of those dogs who would gladly pull you through a walk, choking and wheezing all the way. So I turned to Cesar Millan's three-DVD set, Mastering Leadership, for some advice. The first DVD is just Cesar talking to folks about keys to keeping your dogs happy and healthy. If you've ever seen the show, the ideas in this part will all be pretty familiar — give your dog exercise, then discipline, then affection; calm, assertive energy makes you a pack leader; your dog is not a human. The second DVD was what proved really helpful for me (and Wendell). I watched the segment that featured Dixie, a Jack Russell terrier who yipped and pulled her way through every walk. I was happy to note that Dixie was even worse at walking on a leash than Wendell. After watching, I used Cesar's advice on walking your dog — have calm, assertive energy; don't let the dog walk in front of you; and correct bad behavior the moment it starts. The results were really good — by the end of the walk, Wendell was happily trotting behind me, and I only had to do an occasional correction. We've got a lot of work to do on having Wendell stay calm when we pass other dogs and people, but that's something Cesar covers in the DVD, too. I'm looking forward to trying those techniques, as well.


LemonySarah said...

I love watching Cesar. Ria, being a dog, finds the show far less interesting, feeling that the show is far too human-oriented.

She'd prefer that Cesar have the dogs calmly and assertively train the humans, a skill Ria has so successfully mastered.

Puddleglum said...

Interesting stuff, to be sure!

I wrote about Cesar in my last Thoughtful Thursday. The calm, assertive energy stuff (sans physical correction) is something that Victoria Stillwell teaches as well, so it must be a good idea if they both agree!

Anonymous said...

Impressive. Though Im surprise that your brother would require Cesar Milan in lieu of just simply following your exemplary example.


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

If my new TV show gets picked up by the networks, then Ria will have the show she desires.

I will check out the Thoughtful Thursday, Puddleglum.

Wendell is not yet as self-disciplined as I am, Z.