Monday, December 24, 2007

A challenge

I have a challenge for you, my flock. First, lift your right back paw (or foot) and make clockwise circles with it. Then, raise your right front paw (or hand) and draw the number "6" in the air. Are you able to do both at the same time, maintaining the clockwise motion with your back paw (or foot)? If so, you may have the coordination, focus and spiritual wherewithal to apply for the position of Dalai Lama in Pug Life Ministries' Tibetan Buddhist wing. We offer a competitive salary, a
401(k) plan and a modest wardrobe allowance.


Sarah O. said...

I've tried this and have found it impossible. I have faith that Ria can move her paws in different directions at the same time.

Merry Christmas to the Ayatollah's family and flock!

Lucy said...

I actually heard that while I was in the car one day so I was trying it while I was driving, probably why my DMV record is so good.

Sateen Dura-luxe said...

My step-Pug Magnum just did it with one tail curled behind his back.
He's also an excellent speller.