Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ministry fundraiser

Ladies of the congregation, dig deep into your purses and pocketbooks. What kind of dowry would you offer for such a handsome pug? True, young Wendell isn't much of a provider, and he may well steal the food off your plate. But at the same time, he will surely steal your heart. 

Please submit your sealed bids by next Monday. Up to four winners may be selected.


agent99 said...

Genevieve has saved several milk bones and a rawhide! Wait, I think she just stole one of her sister's chew toys to add.

Hank said...

Wendell, I would empty my pockets completely for you.

I'm used to pugs not providing. I'm Hank's mom, you know.

Wilbur said...

Ayatollah, sir, do your humans know that you are auctioning off Wendell? ;)

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Genevieve and Hanks' Mom, your bids have been documented. Bless you, my children.

And Hank, I hope you would be OK having Wendell as your new father.

The humans generally have a vague idea of what I'm up to, Wilbur, but they don't fully comprehend everything.