Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy birthday, Wendell!

The ayatollah compound is in celebration mode, my flock. For today is Wendell's 2nd birthday. I remember well the day mother brought him home. He was tiny, with a bad case of stinky puppy acne. But he deferred to my authority, stayed away from my food bowl and was a good cuddler, so I welcomed him into the compound and embraced my new brother. It wasn't long before his shyness abated and he learned how to play -- one of our favorite games was "Swing the Puppy." Who would have guessed then that he'd someday grow taller than me?

Our celebration began yesterday with a family trip to PetSmart. Wendell and I got some new chew toys, and we also sniffed a hound dog. Then father and I went to the party store next door.

"Can I help you find something?" asked a store clerk.

"I'm looking for party hats, the pointy kind," father answered.

The clerk led us to another aisle. "Are you looking for hats for children or adults?" he asked.

"Um ... actually, for dogs," father answered, suddenly reminded of his status as neighborhood outcast.

The clerk scratched his head.

But as you can see, we found some suitable hats, as well as a pair of 25-cent leis. My flock, few things excite me more than getting leid. Whenever I see father holding a lei, my tail wags wildly in a hula-like rhythm and I run toward him with my head down, eager to put it on. Then I smile widely for several minutes, and nothing, not even a fatwa-violator, can dampen my spirits.

We took our party outside to show off our garb to passing neighbors and let Wendell play with his soccer ball. I also urged the humans to fix that piece of weatherstripping hanging off the door. "What will my blog audience think?" I barked. "It is embarrassing. No wonder you are the neighborhood outcasts."

After some time under the hot Texas sun, we went inside to cool down. I sprawled out on the cool tile while Wendell went to work on his new frozen chew bone. It wasn't long before we were exhausted. Partying, when done properly, can be hard work.


Hank said...

Oh, Ayatollah. These photos of you and Wendell warm my heart - especially the ones from Wendell's puppy days.

Looks like you, Wendell and the "neighborhood outcasts" had a great time!

Hank's mom

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Happy Birthday my brother-in-Law! I am so glad you finally got lei-ed. I think Mummy and I will put on some Lei's as well because I have never had a lei either.

Also the pointy hat really becomes you.
Love and Kisses - Aine

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wendell! i can learn from you guys on how to party the right way! Z

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Thank you, all. We have extra pointy hats, so if you're ever in the neighborhood ...

Anonymous said...

I have a good recycling tip for the pointy hats. In Germany on the first day of school, the children get a present of a pointy cone thing that holds all sorts of goodies. So just turn your hats upside down and see if you can make another haul of goodies! School starts soon!

The Great Rock Eater said...

It looks like Wendell had a great birthday party!! Glad you had a good time. Happy Birthday Wendell!!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Thanks, Great Rock Eater.

Nice tip, Anonymous One. Anything that could net some extra treats is all right with me.