Monday, May 11, 2009

Vacation update

Assalamu alaikum, my flock. It has been a busy week. In the last three days, I have gone mountain biking in Virginia, cave-sniffing in Tennessee and canoeing in North Carolina. I also ministered to a beaver, several groundhogs and a pair of deer, and I lectured a bloodthirsty tick on the error of his lifestyle choices. "Take one more step toward me, infidel, and you will fall victim to my Revolution!" I barked. I urged him to change his parasitic ways, embrace a halaal diet and attend regular services at the Dogloo mosque. God willing, he will see the light and repent.

In addition to these adventures, I was a witness to much workplace intrigue at the excellent Shatley Springs family-style dining establishment. As my dinner party chowed down on limitless portions of fried chicken and other fine foods last night, we overheard the waitress at the neighboring table complain to her customers about a thief who had been stealing her tips. "I think it's one of the co-workers," she said, in a heavy Southern drawl. "You know, you think you know somebody, and then they go and do something like that!"

Later, our waitress, speaking in a similarly heavy Southern drawl, seemed oddly interested in the neighboring table's affairs. "Did they not leave her a tip?" she asked incredulously, craning her neck. "The last three customers stiffed her. I can't imagine doing that!" We informed her that the customers had tipped the waitress directly rather than leave any money on the table. A look of disappointment flashed on her face. I suspect that she may have to wait a few more days to buy that new pair of shoes.


Hank said...

Intriguing, indeed. You always have the most interesting adventures!

And I do hope that bloodthirsty tick changes his ways.

Hank's mom

Anonymous said...

All it takes is one tick and hopefully the rest will follow...


Lucy said...

Another case solved by the Ayatollah. Your interrogation techniques and senses of detection are not to be trifled with. I'd like some limitless fried chicken immediately.

Anonymous said...

Shatley Springs! I want to go to there!

Zeus said...

"Take one more step toward me, infidel, and you will fall victim to my Revolution!"LOL!

As for mama's new pair of shoes, I'm sure she finds ways to make those happen outside of stealing waitress' tips. :/