Thursday, February 02, 2012

Think pink

Now that it's become fashionable to bash Susan G. Komen for the Cure on blogs and social media sites, is it finally politically correct for me to go public with my long-held rant* against the over-pinking of America and, most specifically, the fact that I'm sick of seeing my favorite NFL players mar their classic uniforms with ill-matching pink leggings and mittens for a quarter of the season or more? Probably not ...

* The ayatollah condemns cancer in all its forms. 

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LemonySarah F. Owens said...

The first time I saw NFL players in hot pink, I was a bit stunned. First, because I didn't know of the cancer support connection, secondly, because they pulled the lady color off surprisingly well. That said, my liege, please do not sport a pink collar, as it would not work well with your blue turban.